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You may be the first person in your community circle to come into a sizeable financial payday, so as a professional athlete you potentially can be seen as the primary breadwinner and funder for a group of friends and family. While the desire to help those you care about is noble, it can often backfire when it involves spending your resources on non-income-producing assets like homes, cars and jewelry. Even worse, you could get stuck in asset-losing investments such as failed business ventures. There is a tremendous amount of social pressure placed on a professional athletes who quickly comes into money. Without a team and structure to support the athlete in making sound decisions, the fear of disappointing loved ones can lead to poor long-term financial choices that can last a lifetime. This is not to say that you can’t buy your mom a new place to live; it means that any purchases should all be part of a larger strategy that prioritizes your own sustainable financial security over the long term.

Financial Planning is Essential

An important aspect to your advisor selection is their ability to do ongoing financial planning. Helping you run forward-looking scenarios based on your earnings, years under contract, spending, purchase choices (like homes and cars), tax bracket and family support needs will help you make educated decisions regarding your future. Also, a carefully created financial plan based on your own goals and priorities will be the appropriate foundation from which to make investment choices. Without a plan as a guiding roadmap, you may be selecting investments that appear favorable in the short-term but that end up moving you further from, rather than closer to, your most important goals. Assessing and planning for long-term needs is an especially important step for you. Professional athletes need objective advisors who will partner with them to create comprehensive plans that address both current and post-playing-career financial needs.

Our specialized services help professional athletes effectively respond to a variety of financial planning decisions and wealth management objectives, including:

  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Developing asset allocation strategy and investment portfolio
  • Planning for retirement income when playing career ends
  • Providing estate planning advice
  • Consulting on post-career business interests

All Advisors Are Not Equal

ARTAAD Financial has access to disciplined investment managers that we couple with customized planning services delivered by experienced financial advisors. Our advisors’ interests are aligned with yours. Often athletes are led to believe that their agents have their best interests at heart, not just with negotiating their contracts but also with managing their finances. Many times this is not the case. Just because some agents have a license to sell financial products does not make them dedicated experts in the area or mean they may not have conflicts of interest. We believe that it’s actually in an athlete’s best interests to keep the role of managing their finances separate.

Confidently building wealth requires more than buying financial products. A fiduciary relationship with an advisor is never transactional. Meaning, whomever is advising you should not be making money by selling you a product or moving you in and out from one investment to another. We believe it is important you establish an advisory relationship based on an agreed-upon fee, either on the assets that are being managed (such as a flat percentage fee on the total assets) or a fixed-dollar fee based on the services being delivered. This would be the sole form of compensation your advisor would receive versus having him or her make a piece of every transaction. This affords true transparency and aligns your interests with theirs.

As your wealth advisor, it extremely important that ARTAAD Financial maintains a synchronized relationship with your other advisors, such as your tax accountant, estate and business attorney, banker and bookkeeper. Making sure this team of professional advisors is working together efficiently is critical to your long-term independence.

Cash and Investment Management

It’s not a matter of what you make but about what you keep. Establishing and monitoring a budget is the key to a secure financial foundation. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or well into your years of retirement, ARTAAD Financial will help you build a portfolio that is tailored to your budget and investment needs. We believe in creating a flexible framework that helps ensure your money goes towards pursuing your personal, business and family goals. This helps ensure that your financial structure remains appropriately well thought-out at every stage of your life. We not only study the events that shape your life and goals, but also global trends and developments that shape the investment environment, drive our economy, and ultimately impact your financial position. Give ARTAAD Financial a look when interviewing financial advisors, our biggest concern is YOU.

Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss